D’Anton is our family, with all its strengths and weaknesses. 

It is Maison D'A story, who becoming mother, welcomes her children in her fary tale.Today we have decided to narrate this story, making you live our house. 


Everything was born thanks to the innate creativity and courage of mum Antonia, who opened her small design shop in 2004, with many sacrifices and difficulties.

But the fear of the investment made, did not discourage her, because Antonia transformed it into positive energy. So she was going to work singing, with a smile inside herself. And this smile was bringing with her light and serenity. Upon entering Maison D’A, you felt at home...and customers were staying hours, immersed in that magical world…

Harmony reigned…

Antonia began to fly… Her inspiration did not sleep even at night… When she opened her eyes in the morning, her head was full of ideas and projects.

So, after a quick coffee, she could not wait to reach her Maison D’A, which in the meantime had become bigger and bigger, with the annexation of two new stores in Sorrento Peninsula and a maxi expo at the “Capri Palace” Hotel in Capri Island.

They were flourishing years and Antonia continued to decor houses, which would have shine off their own light.

But one day the economic crisis also knocked on her door…

While everything was prosperous and shining, the shops suddenly began to get empty. People bought what they needed to survive.

Antonia, understanding the moment, decided to concentrate all her energies in the Sorrento store, located in the wonderful and elegant S’Antonino square.
Meanwhile, the little Francesca was growing up and between one day of university and another, she was helping mum Antonia in the shop.
The old times when she was found small, sleeping on the sofa, by the guests coming in, were long gone. By now she became a woman and a young Interior Designer, following mum Antonia’s passion.
On a rainy day in March 2015, Gabriele returned from South America, where he was working as first hotel officer for MSC  cruise ships. That cold evening pushed the three to order hot tea from the bar opposite the shop. And while they were drinking it, sitting on comfortable armchairs...Here is the idea!

“Why do not we create a bar corner at Maison D’A?”

It would all seem so incredible and banal...But it went just like that… So, after many research and bureaucratic constraints, in 2017 the revolution of Maison D’A took place, made by Antonia and her children, in Piazza S.Antonino…

On 7th May 2017 “D’Anton” was born…